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Current Issue

October-December 2022| Vol 7| Issue 4


Ayurveda pharmaceutics: Need for innovation

The therapeutics in the Ayurveda system relies on the use of various medicinal plants, metals & minerals, and animal products. Among these, plants occupy a lion’s share and are the cruci...

Review Article

A narrative literary review on design of anti-diabetic (Prameha) formulations from various Ayurveda treatises

Ayurveda texts spanning from 100 BC to 18th AD, which have not been frequently scrutinised for management of Prameha (Diabetes mellitus) have been selected. This review is expected t...

Review Article

Safety profile of Ayurveda Rasoushadhi: An appraisal of technical reports on quality and safety of selected Rasakalpa—Metal and mineral-based Ayurvedic formulations

To a large extent, the safety of Rasoushadhi (metal and mineral-based formulations) is evident by its long history of clinical use. However, certain published literature generated misconception...

Original Article

Detoxification of Datura metel L. seeds using Shodhana (purifying process) and estimation of scopolamine content

BACKGROUND: The seeds of Datura metel L. are classified as toxic in the classical texts of Ayurveda and hence need to be purified by the traditional method as mentioned before using for ...

Original Article

An exploration of the preliminary unit operative pharmaceutical process of Vajra Bhasma (diamond ash)

BACKGROUND: Vajra (diamond) is a precious gemstone; classified under the Ratna Varga in Ayurveda. More than 13 GMP-certified companies are preparing and marketing Vajra Bhasma<...

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